Lauren Evans
Night blogger at Jezebel
Jan 7

Banning people is above my pay grade but do email tips@jezebel and someone with more power than me can sort that out 

Jun 26 2019

I changed it because I wanted to clarify I meant them, specifically; I have no need to “defend” anything. This idea that I have some nefarious anti-queer agenda is laughable. Go find someone who is ACTUALLY ruining the planet to aim your smug righteousness at, there are plenty of options.

Jun 26 2019

You think any of William’s children, gay or straight, can’t have anything in the world that they want? Please. 

Apr 17 2019

Some people writing a blog are on their 17th hour of work that day and are tired. 

Apr 17 2019

Sorry which part forms “the framework”? I see no similarities in sources, content, or structure whatsoever.

Apr 16 2019

At first I figured she’d keep it, but then at the end she tells her daughter this means they can finally get her a pet rabbit, so I am very glad for her that she got it and hope she gets truckloads of cash for that shit.

Mar 5 2019

I think you have misinterpreted my desperation to never have to cover another Hillary election night party with “shitting on” the person herself. 

Sep 4 2018

pineapple on pizza dipped in ranch. don’t bother hating on me since I’m expecting my heart attack any day now.