Laura Beck
Dec 28 2016

The DNC nominated the person who got the most votes. By a lot.

If you want to cast aspersions, though, cast aspersions on the people in the Democratic party who were secretly (or not so secretly) hoping for a Trump nomination, because they thought he’d be a walkover.* Cast aspersions on the people inside the Clinton Read more

Nov 9 2016

I am proud to have voted for Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. And my bright spot in this is the fact that my little girl has spent the last weeks saying she wanted to be “the first girl president.” And I didn’t know what to say to her. But now I do. #Sophie2052

Nov 1 2016

I’m assuming that this picture was taken at the same time as the one shown in the article. The reflection on the ground and the fact that they’re holding hands pretty much proves that Hillary and Babs are around the same height, which leads me to believe that maybe we’re looking at this all the wrong way. The cover up

Nov 1 2016

I just asked Alexa (Amazon Echo) “How tall is Barbara Bush?” and got the reply “Kathy Dinglam’s (sp?) height is 5 feet 8 inches” followed by the equivalent in centimeters. Read more