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5/18/21 1:46PM

Looking at those pics I can still remember the smell my late 70s Halston perfume. Ahh, good times.

5/18/21 1:15PM

If you get the chance, I would recommend the 2019 Halston Documentary on Prime. It’s a good look at the guy without abject devotion to his talent. It avoided the cocaine fueled tantrums but definitely didn’t paint him as a saint either (though honestly it could and should have gone there). Read more

12/23/20 11:55AM

As a lover of vintage ghost stories I’ve been a Valancourt fan for years and have a number of their books, the first volume of this series included. They also are animal rescue advocates so even more points. On top of that they also have publish long forgotten and generally overlooked authors from the LGBT community Read more

9/04/20 3:27PM

Apparently the magazine didn’t tell Bush and Clinton in advance there would be a “contest.” They asked Clinton for a recipe after an interview and pulled a “Bush Family” recipe from an old issue of McCall’s without even contacting Bush. Turns out the recipe wasn’t even hers, it belonged to a chef that worked for the Read more

9/04/20 1:42PM

“Who is Rupert Penry-Jones?” *highlights, right clicks, Google search* “Holy shit that man is hot!”

9/04/20 12:48PM

The “learning to overcome being painfully shy” angle was so much more endearing than the “Huh, I might be a bit of a git, maybe I should work on that” actual Mr Darcy. Tom Hardy was the perfect Heathcliffe, though. I would like to point out the egregious overlooking of Rupert Penry-Jones’ Captain Wentworth as the Read more

9/04/20 12:42PM

There is something strangely comforting about our weirder political traditions that I didn’t know I’d miss until they were gone. Seeing people from both sides of the aisle put aside vitriol to take part in something important, relatable or fun gives a sense of national well being and community. Things like the White Read more

9/04/20 12:20PM

It also helps that the internet made recipes and cooking more available. Before you used to need to get one from someone, or invest in cookbooks, read and understand. Or have time to watch a cooking show before shopping. Now you can skim a dozen different recipes and watch a few videos in less time, assuming you know Read more

9/04/20 12:13PM

While I actually prefer the 2005 movie adaption of Pride and Prejudice, starring Matthew Macfayden... Read more

9/04/20 11:03AM

While I actually prefer the 2005 movie adaption of Pride and Prejudice...” Disagree. The BBC version is the greatest that is, has been, or will be in existence.

9/04/20 10:47AM

“Slices of [Darcy] cake will be available for visitors.” They’re EATING Mr. Darcy???

9/04/20 10:21AM

I don’t know...Tom Hardy is pretty freakin’ hot. Plus we know he looks good in and out of a mask, which is a benefit these days. Read more

9/04/20 9:24AM

I don’t know if I’m more horrified or impressed by this standing cake-man.

7/10/20 10:15AM

Thanks to having watched the Blues Brothers around half a dozen times, I can never not hear the words “Pier 1 Imports” in Dan Aykroyd’s nasal monotone.

6/30/20 6:25PM

I think at the time I had just extracted myself from the Science Fiction Book Club (also run by Doubleday). This luckily introduced me to Barbara Hambly but also tricked me into Piers Anthony. Got rid of almost all of those, what a metric ton of hardcovers to deal with.