Kylie Cheung

Fully agree with actors’ right to set boundaries. More concerned that Badgley apparently doesn’t know what either “consecration” or “mercurial” mean. Read more

I mean, Kylie just grabbed you by the hand and led you lovingly through the whole thing. If you can’t get it from that, then you’re just refusing to understand because sportsball. Read more

My mother, a devout basketball fan who loves KD possibly more than she loves my father, is going to be devastated.  Read more

I’m just mad that not only is there a product called Colon Broom, but that anyone would even remotely consider it, regardless of its promises. Read more

Whenever I mock these men or the internet mocks these men, it’s hilarious that every single defense doesn’t address the criticisms. Yeah, we all know these relationships are consensual and adults can do what they want. None of that addresses the fact that these men are insecure, pathetic, and sad because they won’t Read more

I once worked for a smaller business catering to largely wealthy clientele; these are people who would often have the “help” entering through a *completely separate door* in their home. There was one constant: the richer they were, the less likely they were to pay. They’d be first to haggle to get prices down as low Read more

Tip #6 for Jordan: If you’re worried about people thinking you’re a sexist asshole, maybe don’t go on The Piers Morgan Show to make your pitch. Read more

So I never read the books, but Ser Criston faced no serious repercussions for popping a man like zit on the ground? Read more

“tHey’Re LeGAL ADDULTS!” Read more

I don’t deny that Jordan Peterson is a steaming bag of crap, but the title “King of Incels” is an EXTREMELY competitive category. Let’s not award it so lightly. Read more

Totally had a huge thing for him as Doctor Who but Daemon Targaryan does nothing for me. I don’t know if it’s the terrible wig or if I am just sorta emotionally healthy. Read more

You are wasting your time. Holier than thou pricks like that are more concerned with finding reasons to look down at people than have a proper evaluation of what’s important in the world. What a joke indeed Read more

There can only be one Most Important Thing To Pay Attention To in the world. Why don’t you tell us what that is so that none of us wastes time on anything less important. (Also,  the potential that her relationship with Pitt may be abusive is not what the issue is).  Read more

Kylie.......................................BRAVO Read more

Half of the nation is on fire, but that is nothing to the burning loins of Ms. Cheung. You do you lady, but I’m living for the backyard barbecue that was the most adorable birthday date for one Mr. Henry Cavill and his girlfriend. Read more

Yes. Why do they have to complicate something that is so simple and so beneficial to womens health? Read more

Jesus, he looks almost FUN here. The GOP is definitely on the prod for him though. I’m guessing Turtlehead has offered an under-the-table reward to the wide world for anything compromising on ol’ Madison. Of course, his entire career and personal history are compromising if you’re a decent person, but not if you’re a Read more

Ja’Kasssss Rowling has been at it again with the TERKie trot tweets (TERK or TERKie being Trans-Exclusionary Reactionary Karen (as being trans-exclusionary aligns people formerly referenced as TERFs with the far-right wing showing they are not at all radical or truly feminist) See: JK Rowling is still spreading