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Holy shit. Godspeed to you this holiday season. Read more

Spoiler alert: my new avi.

Attn Hazel Cills, is this your burner?

I wrote a bit about this last year, but a ton of it has been through branding and licensing deals (re: “how do they make money?”). Read more

From what I can tell, even though Hefner’s involvement has significantly decreased in recent years, his presence loomed over the whole operation, which explains a bit of why Playboy has gone through so many shifts in management and been unable to stick to a message—it’s hard to give a company new vision when it’s Read more

Let it be known I welcome any conspiracy theories about whether or not Nutmeg really died of old age... Read more

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ford did talk a bit about Morning Glory AND Diane Keaton, but it was cut for space!!! Credit where credit is due Harrison! Read more

They did this movie, it was called Mean Girls and a woman wrote it. Read more

Something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m behind a death machine. Read more

When are you guys gonna help me get my license Read more

Will second the Donner party book, particularly if you want to become the kind of person who talks a lot about cannibalism at every dinner party you go to! I also may read The Best Land Under Heaven after listening to a Fresh Air interview with author Michael Wallis (who, fun fact, is one of the voices of the cars in C Read more