Julianne Escobedo Shepherd
Editor in Chief, Jezebel
Apr 8

This article resonates so much. My mom put me on Weight Watchers when I was nine, after many years of restricting what I could eat. The thing is, when I look back at childhood pictures, I was not fat. I wasn’t sinewy or lithe, but I was not fat. I was athletic. I played elite soccer from a very young age. I don’t Read more

Apr 5

I feel like Republicans are replacing Furries as the standard scapegoat when making fun of insular online weirdos. It’s a glorious time to be alive. Read more

Apr 3

This is a very powerful comment. It has made me rethink a lot of my childhood and life. Your first paragraph describes my parents so well that I wonder if you know me in real life??? Read more

Apr 3

Yeah—it’s easier to blow off a kid than to take a kid seriously when they deal with real shit. And so many of our parents had their own shit to deal with. They came from the era of “if your teacher punishes you at school, you will get punished again at home.” They believed in authority. They had corporal punishment, Read more

Apr 3

The first time I saw Heathers was in a mall with a couple of friends. None of us were technically old enough to see an R-rated movie without a parent or guardian, but the bored teenager at the window just took our money and waved us in. We throughly enjoyed the movie and walked out of there saying, “that was like Read more

Apr 2

I still say this movie stole much of its edginess from Lord Love a Duck.

Apr 2

I’ve not seen the movie, but my fave band AFI has a song on their Crash Love album called “Veronia Sawyer smokes” 

Apr 2

I’m about your age, and I don’t remember a lot of dress code fooferaw in my (mostly white) suburban high school. Certainly no concern over the angle of a cheerleaders spankies. And I know exactly what velour/terry cloth onesies you’re talking about, but those were more jr. high for me, and in a heavily Mormon area, Read more

Apr 2

Oh dear lord this is a fun conversation. A few years back, one of my classes wanted to watch Mean Girls but someone said it was a bit harsh: I scoffed and told them that if they wanted harsh, and if they wanted the original Mean Girls, they needed to watch Heathers. So they decided to watch Heathers. I have not seen Read more

Apr 2

If you want to feel even more old—have your thirteen year old neices patiently explain that, while Heathers is ‘okay to start’, Heathers the Musical is so much better.

Apr 1

You could always go the route of explaining how 20 of the 27 championships came before free agency, and the Yankees used their excessive number of farm clubs to lock up the best young players and keep them away from other teams. Read more

Mar 31

It reminds me more of Skins than anything else. It doesn’t have the spark that Skins has because it’s trying too hard. It’s also often too realistic, playing teens like teens really are, fucking loud, selfish and annoying.

I have to find out what happens with the baby. I don’t care about anything else.

Mar 31

I keep thinking that we don’t know Major’s past - who his people are, why they surrendered him, if he wasn’t treated well, etc... Poor guy might have some underlying trauma. Read more

Mar 29

The headline led me to expect full Addams Family, and the Slate article indicates, without “before” pictures, that the sellers took the edge off in the interest of sale... Read more

Mar 16

I’m super happy for him. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin, and be allowed to be version of themselves that makes them the happiest. Read more