Jia Tolentino
Deputy Editor, Jezebel
Jun 29 2016

hmmmmmmmm, though it’s sort of adorable to imagine a version of me that would stop doing something simply because my boyfriend wanted me to, that’s not what happened here. Read more

Jun 28 2016

yea totally. even like — “go to a different UT for 9 months and then transfer by the option that is already available to you”

Jun 15 2016

the woman literally emailed me right after the story went up to say “i’m glad you told that commenter to fuck off”

Jun 15 2016

Yeah, posting some links as a standalone comment right now — thank you for the reminder.

Jun 14 2016

IMO if you can find one photo you like of one person who has coloring exactly like yours, and you like the way blonde looks on them, then you’re set

Jun 8 2016

my dental insurance (already a scam just by nature) just told me that the removal of two SEVERELY WACK wisdom teeth, at the like decade-long urging of all my dentists, was a medically unnecessary procedure LOL