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Just because he was the boyfriend of Taylor’s that I remember. Read more

I still go on there quite a bit for the political stuff like The Slot but I agree there’s definitely way too much “White Feminism” on there. That thread during Charlottesville where a bunch of commentators randomly started chatting shit about The Root for being “Anti-White” was a fucking mess. Read more

There was a thread about “WTF is with all the Taylor hate?” like people still have to ask that question in 2017. Read more

You should’ve posted this on Jezebel. Everything you talked about is precisely why I don’t touch that trash heap anymore. Read more

Ooo, I didn’t notice that! Thank you! Now, off to hire some voice actors...
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No, it is called bread pudding here, or sticky toffee pudding. :) Spotted dick is a specific kind of pudding, with suet and fruit - it’s not very nice. Read more

No it isn’t, we have bread pudding. If you add raisins it’s called Spotted Dick and if you add raisins to butter biscuits they’re called Squashed Fly biscuits. Read more

Due to my current state of mind, I didn’t think before googling “orange dick” to see if there was a variation on the recipe. Read more

Thank you to JE, for being a rational voice on a horror laden day in life that seemed to have no reason. We do deserve better. As usual, I have no idea what the Spotted Dick is talking about. He is a blame monster, too full of his wrinkled, bloated, entitled rotting orange self to actually have an original thought Read more

People are going to uprise against your bread pudding shaming.

I’ve been the sole writer on duty on a weekend before, and covering breaking news + the usuals is hard. You doubly want to get every detail right on the breaking story because it will be the first that many folks are seeing,and the basis for your coverage in coming days. I respect your decision and appreciate the Read more

I will be your grandmother. I am only 28 but I always carry hard candy and extra tissues. Read more

Yes! The difficulties of knowing what gradation slang is on the offense scale. Read more

I hate that you have to explain this when it’s in the original article. Read more