Jane Marie
9/07/17 5:53PM

I found out my ex was cheating when I was 8 months pregnant. I locked down emotionally and decided I could stick it out for two years, instead of taking my toddler and soon-to-be-newborn and trying to manage on my own. I was a SAHM so I frankly needed that financial security. Read more

8/10/17 12:55PM

Jane does, and I am sorry but she is right. I’ve had many male friends (and one female friend) have their wife tell them to stop hanging out with their old friends, including me once. I was in the room when one of my friends was told, by his wife, to stop hanging out with his best friend since elementary school. The Read more

8/10/17 12:36PM

If it’s medical, it’s 100% his responsibility to take care of. I’m not my husband’s mom and I don’t make doctor appointments for him.

8/10/17 12:29PM

Listen y’all, the most important advice on here is that if you craft you need that JoAnn’s app. The coupons are off the chain and I don’t buy anything full price at that bitch no mo’!

7/27/17 1:25PM

Yep. I dated a man with a penis that was probably in the single digits percentile of length and width. However, he was the best at everything else. The best. Ever. My God he was the best. Did I mention that he was the best? He was the best. Ever.

8/02/16 6:24PM

Jane marie I miss you so much!!! Tbh I’ve barely visited jezebel at all ever since you and milihelen got booted. You rock don’t ever change.

8/01/16 4:39PM

As a mom to a 3-year-old, I completely agree: motherhood is damn difficult, and also the most basic-ass job on the planet. Read more

8/01/16 3:59PM

Pretty much all of this. I saw it with my girlfriend, and while she was quite amused I spent most of the time annoyed. I think I may have chuckled at some point, but it wasn’t memorable enough to remember. Read more

8/01/16 3:48PM

It’s almost become a matter of opposites. You can be the strict mom who is a wonderful mom but not considered fun. Or you can be the fun mom with less rules but you’re a very bad mom. If the movie could make fun of that in a smart, funny way we’d probably love it. It sounds like this is the wrong movie. (I know there Read more

8/01/16 3:37PM

dear Jezebel, more movie reviews from Jane Marie please. Pay any price