Hazel Cills
Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel
Oct 27

I spend enough time in leftbook groups to know that this type of humor isn’t popular with kids. Gen Z humor is like 3 layers of post-absurdism, not impressions or lip syncing.

May 15

Where does it say that he’s not supposed to return? Hazel simply pointed out that he was returning and the reason for his original dismissal - and being a woman’s site and all, this is something we probably find interesting. But nowhere did she say he should not be able to return, or that it should carry a life Read more

Apr 6

And black people face disproportionately grim economic outcomes, particularly in times of crisis. This article is about black people and specifically black women, not “everyone.”

Apr 6

Yeah, no, it’s not petty to think about black American women who do hair for a living and no longer can due to this crisis and will likely risk their health to do housecalls thanks to a lack of safety nets put in place in this country. It’s also not petty to consider what this pandemic cutting off black women’s access Read more

Dec 17 2019

I was in 8th grade when the entire grade was taken to a community theater production for cats. Read more

Nov 8 2019

The NYT link puts the video behind their paywall, but the Times also posted it on YouTube, so if anyone wants to watch it they can:

Oct 31 2019

Thank you for this, I have spent all morning looking for a website to tell me who won last night’s game.

Sep 5 2019

But when I hear her voice, there’s no question. That’s the most important thing.

May 30 2019

I watch 5 min craft videos on Instagram before I go to bed. Why? Because they are so mind blowingly dumb that my brain can’t function and I just pass out.