Hannah Gold
contributing writer, nights
Nov 28 2018

Incredible review Hannah, and just when I thought I couldn’t be any more excited to catch this flick! Yorgos Lanthimos never disappoints.

Nov 28 2018

Excellent, well written review.  Can't wait to see this.

Nov 6 2018

Hannah, the Zayn link leads to the Brangelina story. (And now everyone knows what I click.)

Oct 6 2018

I think what would really cheer us up/ help me sink further into my procrastination would be to ... Start the scary stories contest!!!! 

Oct 6 2018

Wow, Banksy finally got past his angsty high school art phase and made something actually provocative.

Oct 5 2018

My dear Hannah, what you are protected by is the magic forcefield of youth. Which is fleeting. Wash your goddamn face before you go to bed.

Aug 1 2018

Molly McNearney isn’t just married to Jimmy Kimmel, she’s the head writer of Jimmy Kimmel Live (for years), so it’s likely the sketch involving reconstructing Monica’s apartment would have been her idea.

Jul 31 2018

I’m in. Let’s have a social blog and all watch Mother! together. You could make it a monthly thing. Like a book club for people who are too tired to read. (Seriously, I have barely read a book since November 2016.)

Jul 25 2018

I’m not liking how carrying naloxone is being reported like it’s a bad thing. If you or your friends are at risk of overdosing (or just at all likely to be using heroin/opiates), then carrying naloxone and knowing how to use it is a great idea. I sometimes work at a clinic that provides drug users with free Read more