Shannon Melero
Staff Writer
Apr 10

In Oregon.... A cheese platter with grapes and strawberries. Possibly with wine. It was really weird flying all the way to New York and seeing a super expensive cafeteria in the Smithsonian offering premium Oregon pinot noir in a can.

Apr 10

A Connecticut lobster roll. None of your mayonnaise seafood salad on a hotdog bun here, just lobster, melted butter, a little lemon juice, a dash of paprika, on a lightly toasted New England style bun. Read more

Apr 1

If you’ve never interacted with a Yankees fan, consider yourself blessed and highly favored. There is no other fandom on earth as aggressive, as obnoxious, as full of assholes as the Yankees fandom. Read more

Apr 1

You could always go the route of explaining how 20 of the 27 championships came before free agency, and the Yankees used their excessive number of farm clubs to lock up the best young players and keep them away from other teams. Read more

Mar 29

I believe those claw truck thingies are called Scoopmatix. Scoopmati plural.

Mar 20

Well, I’m sure all the conservatives and Republicans who have just spent the last few weeks deciding there is nothing more important to them than the sanctity and dignity of women’s sports will be up in arms about this, right?

Feb 20

I had a first and last date with a guy who switched tables 3 times after we were seated. He was going for a fourth but I refused to move.

Feb 18

Naomi Osaka was the better player. Once she got over her nervousness she became a stone cold killer. Serena simply could not match her agility. Serena deserves to aim for that #24, but she doesn’t really need it to cement her greatness. And Naomi Osaka does not deserve to delay her rise for Serena. The true privilege Read more

Feb 4

Seems like a second good reason for everyone to cut their losses and plan for 2024.  Total bummer for the athletes, but 2020 is the year that keeps on giving. 

Jan 21

Let no review of ballet-in-the-media overlook The Turning Pointe or Center Stage. The Turning Pointe for epic dancing and a slap fight between Anne Bancroft and Shirley McClaine. Center Stage for Jamiroquoi, a ballet sex scene and the BEST GODDAMNED DANCER IN THE AMERICAN BALLET ACADEMY! 

Jan 8

I shouldn’t love this show, but my 2 pod friends made me watch it during our Christmas Eve hang. The Mormon backdrop adds a whole new level of crazy, which I am definitely here for.

I am not here for Mary and her grooming dead grandma. It is beyond creepy to ask your granddaughter to marry your husband when you die. Read more

Dec 17

My issue with Fitness+ (and admittedly it’s been mostly from browsing and trying a yoga video) is that it’s very helpful, but has an awfully thin catalogue for the price. I bought an Apple Watch in September so I have the three free months to test it out, but in it’s current form it doesn’t feel like it’s totally Read more