Shannon Melero
Staff Writer
Jan 8

I shouldn’t love this show, but my 2 pod friends made me watch it during our Christmas Eve hang. The Mormon backdrop adds a whole new level of crazy, which I am definitely here for.

I am not here for Mary and her grooming dead grandma. It is beyond creepy to ask your granddaughter to marry your husband when you die. Read more

Dec 17

My issue with Fitness+ (and admittedly it’s been mostly from browsing and trying a yoga video) is that it’s very helpful, but has an awfully thin catalogue for the price. I bought an Apple Watch in September so I have the three free months to test it out, but in it’s current form it doesn’t feel like it’s totally Read more

Nov 17

Press, who now teaches in two studios in Westchester, New York, has a full schedule this week with two of his Bronxville classes so full that riders are being waitlisted. Read more

Oct 15

Oh, come on now, he doesn’t look a day over “three hundred pounds of rancid fat in a Hefty bag left to rot in the sun”

Oct 14

Shannon, you want to admit at any point that Johnny Lawrence was your sensei and you are a graduate of Cobra Kai dojo?  Full disclosure!

Oct 12

My little Zoe bunny. It feels like I took this pic yesterday but somehow she’s 17 and applying to college right now. Weeping. 

Oct 12

Here is a photo of a Scooby Doo costume my miracle worker mom made for me from a pattern she found at, uh, I believe Michael’s? My siblings and I were in an elementary school play about Noah’s Ark that happened a few weeks before Halloween, and cuz she didn’t have much money to spend on three kids costumes, Scooby Doo

Oct 12

This is actually from the Frozen 2 premier last winter but the peachick grows slowly and the costumes are in good shape so Frozen it is this year. 

Sep 25

If I decide I need to fuck like a goddess right now, it’s gonna be like her.