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As a man allow me to mansplain the use of mansplaining in this article: Sometimes it’s funny to just toss it around, especially in an article about the Bachelorette.

This is a great piece and I think speaks to the larger problem of guru culture. The Yoga Is Dead Podcast did an episode on it that would likely resonate with people who struggle with the desire to find that one person who will make everything possible and then find themselves either disappointed when the guru is trash Read more

‘”Matt Damon’s daughter refuses to watch Good Will Hunting, which is fine because she’s really not missing much!”’ Read more

Im with Shannon. I've watched the challenge since the beginning. 6 wins, spin offs or not is 6 wins. That's like saying the Lakers championship doesn't count because it was in the bubble. It still counts. He was the best out of the bunch. A win is a win.

I’m not going to shell you (lol) but I am going to offer a different perspective. I was 10 when this came out and watched it again recently. The ol’ girl holds up mostly because of how women are portrayed in the films you cited. At the time this was released the P!nk “Stupid Girls” vs. Lindsay, Paris, Britney thing Read more

Yes, The Man would definitely kick your ass.

I love him even more for initiating a campaign for queer representation and inclusion in the WWE. His WrestleMania debut w/a group of LGBTQ+ fans while he was decked out in pride-themed wear was awesome.

Winston Marshall is quitting Mumford & Sons to follow his passion, talking about right-wing conspiracy theories. Read more

Imagine living in fear of not being able to get your magic cannibalism-by-proxy cracker each Sunday.

Im sorry, I am a dancer who specializes in Afro-Cuban dance style. None of what you described in this article is featured in those two scenes. In the carnaval del Barrio only the Puerto Rican section features some Bomba Piquetes. The Dominican section has nothing Dominican (well the movie really lacks any authentic Read more

This latinoamericana grammar nerd thanks you for using Latine instead of Latinx! 

This move had all White casting directors and it shows. The real neighborhood is brimming with Black Latinos but the main cast Black Latinos are absent. When they need someone to dance in the background though....

Seems about right. The Selena series is a struggle to watch. Let the poor girl rest in peace. Stop exploiting her death.

Honestly, I’m a little salty Eliseo isn’t the Piragua Guy because my God that song just bursts with colour when he sings it. At the end of the day I'm thankful this beautiful show will be available for the whole world to enjoy. Very excited to see it in a theater and pull my bandera out of my bra during "Carnaval del Read more

That looks like an Italian ice. This is water ice:

In Philly, we call it wooderice.

I swear to God ESPN only hired Stephen A. Smith because he screams all the time. He's the walking dictionary definition of mental masturbation.

Not really. I mean she should report her concerns to them, but they aren't her employer. This means they have no obligation to consider said concerns where as an actual employer would.