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I use “mansplaining” when referring to my husband because I know it will annoy him when he reads this. It’s not that deep. But thank you for thinking it might have been that deep. 

funny you should mention this, I also tried Noom for a spell because I kept seeing the commercials and I found that it had good advice and I saw some results but overall the app felt super preachy. and I didn’t love that users are pushed into a small group to share their meals or their goals etc. but I think of all Read more

you can argue that spin off wins don’t count and I can argue that they do count. which is why I listed 6 wins. 

I also lust after CrossFit Jesus however I really love his wife so I must contain myself. 

another investigation for another time. although if Lego Batman had a tongue he would definitely eat ass, I feel it in my bones. 

you’re absolutely right. TBH her costuming and the way she gets drawn always gave me big villain energy so I forget that he is a hero which seems like a waste of a perfectly good potential magic villain 

If memory serves I think Zack (Jenna’s fiance) gassed out on a final and came back a few seasons later. I’m pretty sure he didnt get injured but it was a while back so I might be wrong 

I think the face we’re seeing in the video is just a bad filter because his still photos don’t look as over done as this. At least that’s what I’m hoping because if those are actual fillers then he should call Heather and ask for some help 

my email is clearly displayed in the about section for jezebel if you really feel that strongly 

this gif gets a gold star, you can’t see it but it is solid gold I assure you 

I think they are clones of each other but what helps me tell them apart is that one has a Chicago accent and the other has an accent that is allegedly New York but not any accent at all? 

I agree the catalogue is a little thin but if I’m not mistaken theyre adding new classes every monday so if you’ve got it free for 3 months it might look a little better around month 2

I really tried with the Wire, it had me for two seasons but I just lost interest. And I am the first to admit I have unreliable taste so my advice always comes with several grains of salt or however that saying goes

Mary, the Pentecostal, is married to her step grandfather and the way she explains it, that marriage was requested in her grandmother’s will because the grandmother wanted her husband to be taken care of when she was gone. This is also how Mary inherited the church where she is now “first lady”. 

funny you should ask. I do collect things. Signed, I have a Barbie that is timeless even though it is from 2015

this feels like a personal attack and now we must be enemies. Stay Stay Stay is classic good taylor! 

I know it’s war eagle. I was trying to out-do Tuberville’s wrong answer. But alas it has failed and I must wear the cap of shame for the rest of the week 

So does John King just know every county’s location within every state on the magic map or is a producer directing his fingers? I have a lot of questions.