Emily Alford
Apr 2

Seriously, All Creatures Great and Small, what was with men in their coats and ties pulling calves? Save the poor housekeeper some laundry and strip down. 

Dec 23

I hate monkeys. They’re great in theory, but hanging out with them must be like babysitting a strung-out toddler who’s also a sex pervert.

Dec 10

Ruth Goodman’s How To Be A Tudor has an entire chapter on different bedding types and it’s enthralling, especially as she points out that the marital bedstead, with its curtains creating a room within a room, really started the idea of privacy for the adults of the household.

Oct 29

Hi, Emily — This is probably too late to make it into any discussion of Tana French’s latest, but I think that a huge factor missing from every discussion of this book is the fact that corruption and racism in the Chicago PD has been the subject of investigations going back to the ‘70s. That French doesn’t seem to Read more

Aug 28

Hi, I’m Scarlet O’Reichwinger, and you may know me as a bible-banger, a mother of exactly 2.5 children, and a proud Q-Anon conservative, but I’m here to talk to you tonight as President Trump’s acting literal carpet, what people walk on. When I was old enough to know better years old, I was abducted by space aliens. Read more

Jul 22

I get it.  The Herbs keep making the commenting system more difficult for all of us!

Apr 28

Or a whole essay about how angry I am that Phi Phi made it to the finale and Latrice didn’t! I rewatched season four recently and Phi Phi truly is more terrible than I remembered. 

Mar 30 2020

Duly noted. Let the record reflect that Ms Kennedy-Onassis has retained her puppy-like adorableness well into adulthood. As an amends, I offer a picture of my dog wearing a hat for St Patrick’s Day.

Jun 2 2019

I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Neurobiology and have made this a huge part of my career since I’m interested in pursuing a career in science policy just as much as doing bench research. I see this attitude all the time in my department and previous labs I’ve worked in at other institutions. The default is always Read more

May 26 2019

You missed the main point: that he is still not backing down from his claim that he and Portman were romantically involved—even though she says they weren’t.