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Culture Editor, Jezebel

WE LOVE YOU!!!! <3 Thank you for all of the daily inspo, and for your untouchable talent—so sad to see you go but also excited for you! Read more

I REBUKE THIS !!!!!!!! Gonna miss you immensely Clover <3
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We'll See...

I have emails that reference Jezebel dot com, dating back to 2007 when the site first launched under Gawker Media.

I am lame but I looooooved the first season album- I actually listened to it on Spotify. Timbaland is great! I was sad when Jussie was written off the show (I know, I know. I just don’t care). Read more

I wanted to like this show but yeah season 3 really went off the rails and I stopped watching after they threw Rhonda off the roof and the next episode it was like nothing had happened. I love a good campy soap but the writing was just so all over the place that the show didn’t make *emotional* sense.
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I mean, yeah it is slow and meditative — but when that’s what you’re in the mood for this show is great! Read more

Part of the problem is humans are mostly hairless. The non-floofy cat parts are surprisingly compact:

I think part of the problem is the human anatomy. I feel like the cat people have too little torso, too much leg, and the difference in length between arms and legs, makes it all look wrong. Read more

I loved this movie. I’ve become cynical about movies that promise to “surprise me,” but this one genuinely caught me off-guard on multiple occasions. Read more

Finally! Someone on Kinja is covering the World Series. Too bad there’s not a site for that.
Clover, I enjoyed your article. I’d like to discuss one quote:
“there could be three teams out there to make it more interesting.”. Though I’m a baseball fan and I wouldn’t like this, I would like to watch a sport between three Read more

Three Good Dogs I Met

I spent the last three months living in Mexico City. While I was there, I met three good dogs.

Ruka’s such a sweetie that it’s hard to poke fun at him, though (and to his credit, he ate that pasta, too). Read more

Hopefully they let Sophie Turner keep her normal accent. She’s a good actress but that American accent in X-Men was not especially convincing. Read more

That aggressive pelvic thrust win dance followed immediately by her trying to explain away her bad sportsmanship is just fantastic editing. The only thing that could have made it better was if they played the audio over the video of the disturbing pelvic thrusting. Read more

I used to be embarassed to tell people that I am still a devoted watcher of The Challenge, but once I emerged from the shadows, I discovered there are many of us from all walks of life. This show is a true gift.  Read more