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Love, love Robyn and looking forward to the new album.

Lord Mountbatten’s husband is still a cabin services director. In the article about their wedding, he mentioned that their honeymoon had to be postponed because he was working a flight to Rio de Janeiro right after their wedding. Read more

You’re wildly out of line. Please never speak my name again.

I would also like to eat several pimento cheese sandwiches, which means I’ll probably have to make some pimento cheese. Have you ever made pimento cheese? It’s a disgusting blend of mayonnaise, cream cheese, shredded cheddar, and jarred pimentos. Have you ever tasted pimento cheese? It will make you feel like god. Read more

With all due respect to Clover’s ranking ability, I’m pretty sure that Read more

Bobby, I fully support your completely valid Chazelle take.

I bought that cheap philips wakeup light -- it’s okay. I need like three different alarms and half the time I don’t wake up anyway. 

Great article. Written as if by Patrick Bateman’s far-to0-normal little brother. Gonna try that argon oil stuff.

What a delight; I <3 Bobby. I use the same two Ordinary products!

Antiperspirant has always just made me sweat even more, plus it just ruins your clothes. I gave up on it a long time ago and I’ve never looked back.

Heather Alexandria wants her look back, Bobby. 

I gave up drinking to help reach my fitness goals, but pushing a full on abstinence agenda disguised as medical fact really needs to stop. Lets be honest, alcohol is poison - we know that its why it makes us feel weird and then shitty. However people literally since the dawn of civilization have drunk alcohol - Read more

I would much rather see a sort of AFTER the “happily ever after” film. (Because you’re right, we’ve had lots of NASA spaceflight films). Read more

I had no idea Kim was 37 - for some reason I thought she was younger and that kind of helped to explain her useless behavior. She needs to go away now - and take the family (all of them) with her.

If you haven’t seen documentary “Believer”, you should

I have had a hard time with this. While I think Cruise is a danger when it comes to his personal life, I hear nothing but amazing things in his professional life - he knows everyone’s name on a project, is incredibly polite, and does his job, including press tours, without complaining. For me, this (and my love of Led Read more

Is Tom Cruise a key member of the recruitment of individuals to an actual cult? Yes. Read more