Bobby Finger
Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man
Sep 26 2018

Love, love Robyn and looking forward to the new album.

Sep 25 2018

Lord Mountbatten’s husband is still a cabin services director. In the article about their wedding, he mentioned that their honeymoon had to be postponed because he was working a flight to Rio de Janeiro right after their wedding. Read more

Aug 31 2018

I would also like to eat several pimento cheese sandwiches, which means I’ll probably have to make some pimento cheese. Have you ever made pimento cheese? It’s a disgusting blend of mayonnaise, cream cheese, shredded cheddar, and jarred pimentos. Have you ever tasted pimento cheese? It will make you feel like god. Read more

Aug 24 2018

I bought that cheap philips wakeup light -- it’s okay. I need like three different alarms and half the time I don’t wake up anyway. 

Aug 24 2018

Great article. Written as if by Patrick Bateman’s far-to0-normal little brother. Gonna try that argon oil stuff.

Aug 24 2018

What a delight; I <3 Bobby. I use the same two Ordinary products!

Aug 24 2018

Antiperspirant has always just made me sweat even more, plus it just ruins your clothes. I gave up on it a long time ago and I’ve never looked back.

Aug 24 2018

I gave up drinking to help reach my fitness goals, but pushing a full on abstinence agenda disguised as medical fact really needs to stop. Lets be honest, alcohol is poison - we know that its why it makes us feel weird and then shitty. However people literally since the dawn of civilization have drunk alcohol - Read more

Aug 22 2018

I would much rather see a sort of AFTER the “happily ever after” film. (Because you’re right, we’ve had lots of NASA spaceflight films). Read more

Aug 1 2018

I had no idea Kim was 37 - for some reason I thought she was younger and that kind of helped to explain her useless behavior. She needs to go away now - and take the family (all of them) with her.

Jul 30 2018

I have had a hard time with this. While I think Cruise is a danger when it comes to his personal life, I hear nothing but amazing things in his professional life - he knows everyone’s name on a project, is incredibly polite, and does his job, including press tours, without complaining. For me, this (and my love of Led Read more