Bobby Finger
Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man
Sep 17 2018

Lit’rally haven’t had my java and Bright Star is one of my favorite movies. Fixed.

Aug 29 2018

Thank you for indulging me. Being melodramatic during awards season is my favorite form of self-care. It’s fun to pit movies against each other!!!! 

Aug 24 2018

I will admit 90% of the reason I agreed to do this was to show off the Phantom Thread poster in my bathroom. (I am very proud of the placement.)

Aug 22 2018

Yes, the after! Like how Neil and Janet’s marriage fell apart in 1994, partly because he never spent time with them.

Aug 1 2018

would you like to place a bet on me ever leading a story on Jez with Kim again because i’ll win

Jul 27 2018

What “disgust” are you talking about. All her movies are iconic and I love each one dearly. Why would I watch Megyn Kelly—a show that ruins my brain—when I could just watch Something’s Gotta Give every morning at 9:00AM?

Jul 18 2018

I am fully aware of the fact that his team would be expected to make this request, and acknowledge that up top. This article exists because of the vaguely misogynistic language used, namely: “like beauty, the experience is in the eye of the beholder.” Read more

Jul 15 2018

I know she died in 1942! I wrote that in the piece. I am simply talking about a world in which she had survived. Don’t make this difficult.