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Democrats like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as much as they like maintaining the status quo into almost inevitable fascism. Read more

Yeah, they popped the glass for sure.
As someone who knows *a friend* who used to do public art projects, um, under funded? and had to use some unorthodox tactics, that’s how it’s done.
But this, of course, isn’t art, of any kind or form, and instead is reprehensible and horrifying.
Especially because all of those folks Read more

Connor won. His longtime girlfriend, the frustrated playwright, stood up for him in a moment that gave him pure joy. And he didn’t take off his coat. Read more

I have a friend who did this in their house, and yeah it does look pretty good. To the point that I was almost like, “okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so snobby about color-coded bookshelves.” Read more

I guess my biggest issue with this is that books in a series are often different colors and the idea of separating them breaks my brain a little. Read more

I am a voracious reader and I love a color-coded bookshelf. I’m a visual person and I remember the covers of books even faster than an author’s name. They’re much easier to find when they’re ordered by color. People who look down on this method are not only snobs, but they’re lazy snobs, not taking a moment to reflect Read more

Color coding looks cleaner and nice, no question. I’ll even go further if the colors are the same and organize by height after. I leave some shelves by genre though for series- I feel like that’s the exception to this. I would never separate a book series just because they’re different colors. It would be a personal Read more

Sam had some good looks too. However, I feel I was set up with some unrealistic expectations for a cute guy to come into my window.

The crushed velvet was truly on everything back then, even the swimwear. I feel like there’s not enough “stumbled into a trashy store and found something special” scenes in movies anymore. Read more

As a young boy on the cusp of puberty at the time the movie came out, her in that dress gave me a nice violent push into said stage in life. Wow, I’m glad Im not the only one who still remembers that outfit! Read more

This dress was everything. I remember wearing some crushed velvet stuff in middle school thinking it was the peak of fancy. I never did have a crushed velvet mini dress though. I was wildly insecure in my body all the way through high school. Eric Matthews being in this movie was the BEST. Had a huge crush on him at Read more

Oh man, I coveted this dress HARDCORE. But it also made me sad, because having already gone through puberty by age 10 (fun times, fun times) I felt like it represented something aspirational that I’d never be able to wear. Had I known the actress (who seems delightful and whom I found very beautiful) also felt Read more

I’m was never attracted to Dan, but I am attracted to Joe. I am unsure if I should be concerned about my psyche. Or maybe I just enoy that Penn grew an even hairier chest with age. Read more

I can’t wait to see a Halloween movie where Michael Myers chases Laurie and they their both on hover rounds or walkers. It’s coming.  Read more

Are you even a public servant if you don’t get followed into the restroom?  Read more

She really is the worst.  I’ll never forget or forgive her for that thumbs down on a minimum wage increase. She did it so glibly.  Maybe she thought she was invoking the ghost of McCain, but he did it to stop a bad tax cut.   Read more

It’s very important that when we protest the actions of the wealthy elite ruling class that we do it in a way in which they always feel safe, secure, and comfy. Can’t have them shaken up or slightly inconvenienced in any way, that would be gauche. Read more

“There’s no work requirements whatsoever, there’s no education requirements whatsoever, for better skill sets,” Manchin told CNN. “Don’t you think, if we’re going to help the children, that the people should make some effort?” Read more

I don’t know who was looking at Aaliyah and not seeing an unmistakably black woman (mostly teen since she died when she was 22). Clearly, someone who hasn’t spent any time around black people. She’s not racially ambiguous and can’t pass for white. We’re not talking about Mariah or Halsey. Read more