Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
Thursday 1:50PM

The involuntarily committed women, LGBTQ people, and minorities over the last couple of centuries would like a word with you.

Thursday 1:44PM

Talking about mentally ill as some sort of “other” part of society whose rights are privileged at the expense of everyone else, and suggesting that they’re more dangerous than other members of society when statistically that’s not even close to being true. Using that stereotype as the premise for the idea that they Read more

Thursday 1:38PM

Andrew Yang is barely giving a policy here. Saying that you don’t have a choice in turning down care because I’m the mayor isn’t a great policy. Pointing out where this could lead based on historical evidence isn’t wrong.

Thursday 1:33PM

I don’t think racism or violent racist acts are mental illnesses, if that is what you are proposing here (if you are not, my apologies). Read more

Thursday 1:28PM

I don’t know that she needs to solve the issue in order to bring attention to the fact that discriminating against people with mental illness is gross and candidates probably shouldn’t do it.

Thursday 12:48PM

“Let’s fight bigotry against AAPI with bigotry against the mentally ill!” Read more

Thursday 12:42PM

It’s so fucking disheartening to see someone both advocate for the expansion of desperately needed psychiatric care and be so callous about the people who need help. Yang’s right in that we badly need more available beds in psych hospitals. I know from personal experience what a nightmare it is to find out that Read more

Thursday 12:26PM

this picture you chose of Andrew Yang LOL

Thursday 9:18AM

“You immature children don’t understand the subtleties of POLITICS like I do so you just can’t comprehend why this was such a brilliant master chess move.” Read more

Thursday 6:12AM

Nah, I'm good. Fuck sitting at a dinner table with Marsha Blackburn. Not a goddamn thing is gonna come out of this that helps people who need it. 

Wednesday 7:01PM

“This is how the real world works,” said the Jezebel commenters who never had to meet with people willing to kill them and their constituents.

There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, you can accomplish with people who aren’t held accountable and who perpetuate harm as their *job*. Read more

Wednesday 4:24PM

Why extend your credibility to people who don’t deserve it? Why make it that much harder to call the GOP what they are? “Oh, they’re dangerous and ignorant hatemongers who want to essentially end the concept of popular democracy in America? Why’d you have a bunch of them over for a big happy time dinner then?” Read more

Wednesday 4:04PM

I probably wouldn’t throw a dinner for people who wanted to get me killed a few months ago and have been trying to get other Congresswomen killed for the last few years, but I’m now learning that this means I just want cool kid points and a job at The Daily Show? Read more

Wednesday 1:59PM

As always, the powerful have more in common with each other than the electorate.

Wednesday 12:23PM

I also agree with the writer who says that having more dark skinned Black actors wouldn’t make a difference in policing, etc., so what’s the problem. Read more