Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
Thursday 2:26PM

I have my fair share of mental illnesses and disorders so the notion that I don’t care about the plight of the mentally ill because I didn’t drum up an alternative mental health policy than Andrew Yang is absurd. But go off. Read more

Wednesday 12:44PM

If there’s this much debate over it, he sure didn’t do a very good job at being satirical. I maintain that there was nothing in his tone to suggest this was satire, at all.

Wednesday 12:43PM

I’m not saying there’s no chance that could have happened. I do, however, think it’s besides the point and his rationale here was goofy. His Austin coronavirus bat comment alone...

Wednesday 12:36PM

Exactly. Like, as soon as I realized this was a movie about Dominicans in Washington Heights I looked at the cast and started laughing. Like...come on now.

Wednesday 12:35PM

I mean, it’s Lin Manuel Miranda’s movie! He is definitely the right person to call out about it!

6/15/21 3:44PM

I mean, how do his comments about being worried about science going too far play into this? Just because he was injecting humor into it doesn’t mean he wasn’t being sincere with his beliefs which, again, maybe it IS a lab leak, but spreading misinformation about the name of the lab and sounding ignorant about the work Read more

6/15/21 3:42PM

I’m... concerned that some people are looking at this and this it’s satire. There was absolutely nothing indicating he wasn’t being serious, and his comments about “science going too far” were absurd.

6/15/21 3:26PM

Ugh, don’t you hate when you just want to wear an oversized sweater and some leggings and boots for a cute carefree cool weather look but the sweater damn near fits like a fucking crop top? Read more

5/20/21 1:59PM

Again, any muscle is impressive to me! I do think that “ripped” goes a little too far though, LOL. Read more