Tracy Moore
Jan 31 2016

of course - more keying into the idea of how we still seem to depict it culturally or in stated preferences.

Oct 12 2015

Right - but this sounds like you’re one of those exceptions noted in the piece - where you were friends before, and then mutually agreed to be friends after. Most people aren’t so lucky.

Oct 2 2015

Well, you really can’t leave infants alone, toddlers are on a constant death march —once you have a more autonomous kid who can play alone it’s much much easier to go to the bathroom alone, but still, one bathroom and you’re going to have to pee during bathtime. To say nothing of how much time you spend with THEM in Read more

Sep 17 2015

I would say without spoiling that once it turns, it becomes torture-porn-y in a way that isn’t necessarily high gore but is unblinking and hard to watch given that it’s happening between mother and sons.

Aug 7 2015

I still need to do more research on “hardcore pussy eating” too.

Mar 26 2015

Oh yeah, I feel you, which is in part what made me so dismissive as a teenager of the sage old lady advice coming at me — some of it felt very retrograde/out of touch, though other aspects of it were right on. I should've probably clarified to get yourself a COOL older lady friend.

Mar 26 2015

That's not what I meant in the slightest. I wasn't talking about women not helping other women, but more about the way a lot of young people feel antagonistic about authority figures, which I think is true for men and women both. In my case, as I wrote with the older women in my family, it wasn't that I thought any of Read more

Mar 17 2015

Thanks, I think anyone can be well intentioned and still get it wrong. Happy to help clarify this.

Mar 2 2015

I totally understand this. I feel like I don't fit in the class I'm in now, but I no longer fit in the class I used to be in either. It's a weird impostor status that I have found hard to shake.

Jan 26 2015

I have learned from this that eyebrows are the weirdest thing that has ever happened to faces

Dec 24 2014

There's a kind of intellectual disconnect/absurdity in this approach to "teaching a lesson" that sticks hard in my craw. As other commenters have pointed out, the idea of shifting the values of Christmas as a family is a great idea. But telling kids they are too entitled and taking presents away — when the parents Read more