Kate Harding
Aug 11 2014

This doesn't have to be some kind of airtight security solution. It just has to make trolling that way more trouble than it's worth.

Aug 11 2014

At pretty much every blogging job I've ever had, I've been told (by male managers) that it'd be a death sentence to moderate comments and block IP addresses, because it "shuts down discourse" and guts traffic. But no one's ever shown me any actual numbers that support that claim. Does anyone have any? Not that I think Read more

Jul 24 2014

Jezebel, your science reporting makes my heart hurt. Morcellation is not, nor has it ever been a treatment for uterine cancer! No one would ever knowingly cut up a cancer into a million small pieces to spread all over the abdomen. This is gynecology 101. Read more

Jul 21 2014

I have bunnies. I LOVE bunnies, but bunnies aren't really the best pet for a little kid because they have really sharp teeth and claws and get scared easily. Read more

Jun 19 2014

I added the names and frat to the original piece. I think it matters that they're named.

Jun 16 2014

Everything about this guy makes me want to throw up. Even his favorite sandwich.

Jun 12 2014

I've started combatting this sort of stupidity in my day-to-day life by checking every single idiot who excuses rape with a bullshit excuse. It started with my dad, who is normally wonderful, making some sort of, "She was asking for it," remark, which I followed up by an acid, "Oh, and was I?" and some reminders about Read more