Aussie Mayor Calls On "Beauty-Disadvantaged" Women To Move To Testosterone-Addled Town

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We got a lot of tips this weekend about Australian mayor John Molony, who suggested that "beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa," the mining town he presides over in northwest Queensland, because there's "five blokes to every girl." In the first place, Molony just ganked the plot of the Janeane Garofalo vehicle The Matchmaker when he made this announcement, but in the second place, I can't manage to foment even a tinge of outrage about it. I mean, yeah, saying that his town is a haven for ugly girls is sexist and deeply lame thing to say, but lame enough for it to be the most emailed story on the BBC's website? Really? Is it that shocking to hear a gross old dude — particularly a man who lives in a town where 96% of the inhabitants are men — say that women who are not conventionally beautiful are not as valuable?Honestly, I think the most revolutionary thing we could do to halt the onward march of lookism is to stop giving assholes like this the time of day. In some ways, getting upset about it is just proving his point: if being called "ugly" is the biggest, most denigrating insult around, then we're just reinforcing the idea that being pretty is the most important thing. I bet none of you had ever heard of Mount Isa before he started blathering on about ugly women, and ultimately Molony is just the mayor of a bumblefuck town desperate for attention. I'm going to save my righteous indignation for bigger fish than this guy. Aussie Outback Mayor Seeks "Ugly Duckling" Women [Reuters] Australian Plea For 'Ugly' Women [BBC]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

He looks like one of those Mormons arrested for marrying children in that picutre, no?