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Aussie Lads Get Wild • Man Ticketed While Wife In Labor

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• Joe Francis has launched an Australian edition of the "popular" Girls Gone Wild magazine, which hit sexist newsstands Down Under last month. • The General Medical Council in England has found Dr. Martin Quinn guilty of misconduct for carrying out unnecessary hysterectomies "for research," but will only suspend him for 6 months. • The Netherlands' highest court ruled today that a peep show owner can get a theatrical tax break because strip shows are a form of theater. • A white middle school teacher in New York has apologized for binding two black female students during a "discussion" of slavery. •


• The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission in Australia is working on creating an official "intersex" gender for people who don't define themselves as "female" or "male." • A new study has found that women who suffer from severe stress six months before they conceive can increase the risk of having a premature baby. • Three egg donor agencies in Illinois are offering the nation's first guarantee for would-be parents that they can receive a discount if their egg donor changes her mind. • A Massachusetts man is appealing a $100 ticket he got while driving in the breakdown lane as he was taking his in-labor wife to the hospital. • Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison and Seamus Heaney supported the new Aura Estrad Prize which is given to young female writers who live in America or Mexico and write in Spanish. • A recent study of United States Latinas shows that those with more European ancestry have an increased risk of breast cancer. • Lillian Allen, a 100-year-old African American woman and community activist, is excited for Obama's inauguration, where her grandson who serves in the Secret Service will protect the new President. • A "morbidly obese" dog named Jiffy survived being frozen to the sidewalk overnight in Wisconsin thanks to his layers of chub. Jiffy's owner was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of animal neglect. • Glasvegas's tiny female drummer Caroline McKay was voted the 10th Coolest Person in Rock by NME magazine. • SANS offers cheap, printable patterns for crafty men and women who want to make or alter their own clothes. • A 19-year-old lass from Florida was arrested on misdemeanor assault and battery charges on Sunday when she popped off on a store employee for calling her the c-word. •

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fluxus flucker

My husband had to drive on the side of the road to get me to the hospital when I was in labor with our baby. For about 20 miles. Their was a freak accident and traffic jam (and a down-pour of rain). We just put on the hazards and sped through. I was pretty mellow. But, I'm fairly certain that my husband would have broken the nose or the windshield of anyone who got in our way.

(In his defense, the baby was premature. And we'd already gone through this before with our first baby who had been in NICU for about a month w/ breathing problems, so hubby was reasonably worried.)