Aussie Dog Births Record Litter • Fecal Transplant? Strangely Unpopular!

• An Ipswich mastiff gave birth to Australia's biggest litter of pups (20) this past weekend. •

• A new study has found that playing strategic video games can improve mental skills for senior citizens in their 60s and 70s. • A Swedish man had to be rescued from a tree by the local fire department on Wednesday after he followed his cat up and was unable to get down. • A recent, small study has found that women who take fertility drugs to boost ovulation have an increased risk of developing cancer of the uterus later in life. • Some researchers say that women who live with their in-laws or with their children have an increased risk of developing heart problems. • A woman who had Clostridium difficile infection had a successful fecal transplant in 2004 using her husband's poop. The procedure is unpopular with some doctors and patients and is rarely performed. • This video follows pregnant women preparing to give birth in Katine, Uganda where childbirth can be deadly. • A woman in England collapsed and died after she drank 4 liters of water in less than 2 hours as part of a diet program. • Two young Afghan women attend college in Washington state as part of the Yakima Valley Community College Foundation Afghan Women's Education Fund and they plan on returning to Afghanistan eventually to help their country become a better place. • The rich are laying off nannies and other domestic workers as they are forced to scale back their expenses because of the economy. • Why do men confide in their male friends before their romantic partners? One therapist says it is a "test run" to see how others react to the man's problems. • A long-suffering supermarket checkout girl in France became a summer sensation when she released Tribulations of a Cashier, a book about her experiences with rude customers. • A tortoise in Florida that was injured by a car got his own custom skateboard built to make him mobile once again. •


[Image via The Courier-Mail]

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