Aussie Chicken: Finger Strippin' Good

This television commercial from Australia is kinda confusing for us dumb Americans: It's like an inside joke wrapped in an inside joke. But bear with us! The ad, as you'll see, is for "Nando-Fix Gum", which is a fake replacement for the fake product "Nando Fix Patch." Apparently, Nando's is a chain of restaurants in Australia and the UK, and the company's Peri-Peri Chicken is supposed to be so good it's addictive, so the Nando ad guys and gals decided that it'd be funny to advertise fake Nicorette-like products to ease Peri-Peri cravings. Okay, that's the first part of the joke. You still with us? Great. Well, the second part of the joke is that the Nando-Fix products are used by a working mom on the go—who also happens to be a stripper. Maybe all this has something to do with breasts and thighs? Somehow we think Carol J. Adams would have something to say about all this.

Nando-Fix Gum [YouTube]

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