Auf Wiedersehen, Project Runway (Season 4)

Even though the Project Runway finale aired more than twelve hours ago, I'm not gonna lie: I keep watching it again and again on my DVR, reliving and relishing each precious, joyous moment. [Freak! Kidding, I love you Jen. -Ed.] Christian, Rami, Jillian... I'm gonna miss those kids. And I take back all those nasty things I said at the beginning of the season about this season's designers being painfully boooooring. In fact, when Christian was declared the winner last night, I got downright misty-eyed. I dare you witness the winner get ordained, Victoria Beckham be her fabulous self, see Nina Garcia crack a smile and not get choked up. Clip of the final moments of The Greatest Show on Earth: Season 4 begins above.

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