Aubrey O'Day Is the Most Famous Celebrity Apprentice, In Her Mind

On last night's two-hour premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, we were fortunate enough to witness the splendor that is the delusion of former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day. Maybe, this being her third reality show, she's savvy enough to know what will get her airtime, but we have a feeling that she was being completely sincere in her comments about how she is the most recognizable celebrity on her team—because she has the most Twitter followers. (Except she actually does not have the most Twitter followers. Teresa Giudice does.) That, plus her feud with Debbie Gibson—that only exists in Aubrey's mind, at least for now—has us hooked on this new season.




Sorry, but it just makes me angry when I see this person doing anything dumb. I know I shouldn't care, but there is such a shortage of people named Aubrey out there, and so when the only noticeable 'celebrity' with my name does silly or idiot things, I have no one else to point to! I know it's unfair to her, but seriously!!! Try to bring honor to the name!