Attorney Rudolf Mayer will use an insanity defense with client Josef Fritzl , the evil Austrian who imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in the family basement and fathered 7 children by her. "I believe that the trigger was a mental disorder, because I can't imagine that someone has sex with his own daughter without having a mental disorder," Mayer said, according to the AP. Mayer plans to push for Fritzl's internment in a psychiatric institution as opposed to a jail, if certified insane and convicted. In other Fritzl news, Josef's sister-in-law, Christine, has spoken out against him, calling him a "tyrant" and saying that her sister, Josef's wife Rosemarie, was too terrified of her husband to ever cross him. She even stuck by Fritzl when he was convicted of raping a nurse in 1967. Christine says Rosemarie only cared about their children and with the recent, horrific revelations of recent weeks, "For sure, the world has collapsed for her." [AP via CNN, AP via MSNBC]