Atoosa Rubenstein's Foolish Fashion Alpha Kitties

For the past year, former Seventeen editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein has been developing some sort of market research company that looks into the minds of teenage girls in order to sell the resulting demographics to other companies. The 'Toos has been doing this via a project she calls "Alpha Kitty," a series of overly-produced YouTube videos in which she talks a bunch of nonsense and then asks girls to submit videos all about themselves. She wasn't really getting any responses, so she decided to start putting other people in the videos. We have to admit, we were way excited to see French Vogue cover girl/boy Andre J, but then we were also sort of delighted to hear the retarded things the other people — like fashion assistant Jen Steele, Fasionista editor Faran Krentcil, and model/actress Taylor Warren — had to say. Above, a mash-up of some of Atoosa's clips.

Alpha Kitty [YouTube]

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Hmm, that Taylor girl said she has a head that's too big for her body, and that's why she's a successful model. I think that's code for, "I never eat, and I'm literally skin and bones, so my skull looks ginormous compared to my emaciated torso."