"I tend not to date liberals, for a reason. Politics is so important to what I do and I follow it so much. I can't respect a guy who's liberal all that much because it makes me question his intelligence. So, that's a big minus because I'm thinking how smart can this guy be if he thinks John Kerry is a great politician? If he thinks Barack Obama would be a great President, I think, gee, how bright could this guy be?" That's conservababelogger Cassy Fiano, and there are five more eligible conservative bloggers dishing on dating and sex (Women hate men too much! Don't see movies!) if you click her pic. It's all thanks to the latest installment of Right Wing News's deep dive into the world of GOP pussy. And don't be too dissuaded! Some of them do date liberals, they just "convert" them...

Sharon Soon of Conservatives With Attitude
"I have always had a policy of not dating liberals, but once, after a bad break-up, I dated a couple of liberal guys...First of all, they don't have the same values and I find that to be a fundamental problem. I know a lot of people are willing to accept that, but I'm not. Their whole world view is different from someone who has conservative values and traditional values as a way of life. Being focused on yourself, and your rights, and materialism, and no ultimate sense of morality — because I guess when you believe in a more secular way of life, a more liberal viewpoint, it's all about what you can do for yourself and how you can be happy...and you don't have any belief in absolute truth or religious principles to guide how you live. You get guys who are selfish and into themselves and don't care so much about humanity, other people, or me — that just leads to a lot of problems. I also have a problem with guys who are into things like getting completely trashed and doing drugs..."

Dr. Melissa Clouthier
"I wouldn't like take someone on a first date to an amusement park because you'd be stuck all day together. And even too expensive of a dinner on a first date? ...Because where do you go after that? You take her to the nicest restaurant in town because she's super hot and you want to impress her? Then it turns out you have no conversation, so you wasted a boatload of money and two, if you do like her, where are you going to take her next time to beat that?"


Michelle Oddis of Human Events
Yeah, in the past year, I think I've dated one or two [liberals]. There is usually an issue there with religion, which is kind of frustrating, because you're not necessarily going to go out on one or two dates with someone and think that you're going to marry them. But, with long term goals, how you're going to raise your kids, whether you're going to bring them to church or not, you wonder if that person is going to show the same values — there tends to be a difference there with liberal guys. Another turn-off with liberal guys, at least for me, tends to be 2nd Amendment stuff. Gun rights? I think it's kind of wimpy when guys don't think people should be able to protect themselves.


Dawn Eden, author of The Thrill Of The Chaste
...My experience with [liberals] is that superficially, they may be more fun to be around. They're a bit looser and more relaxed. They make an effort to be more sensitive, but the sensitivity only goes so far. It's easy for a man to keep this illusion of being a great, sensitive romantic if he knows he's just going to sleep with you and then say good-bye. Anybody can be Mr. Love God for one night or one week or one month.

Karol Shenin of Alarming News
"The first date should be all about "could I have a 2nd date with the person." Do we have anything to say to each other? Does he make me laugh? Is she hot? Anything that has interaction would be ideal for a first date."