Looking to get ahead at work? Perhaps you need to kill 'em with kindness. Leading With Kindness is a new book that declares that being civil, above all else, is the way to find success at the office, as managers who treat their employees with decency and respect create positive, work-friendly spaces that encourage productivity and teamwork. As William Baker, the book's co-author, states: "By being a kind leader, you're going to be massively successful." Baker argues that kind managers are more likely to hire like-minded people, leading to a more ethical, pleasant work environment, and the American Management Association agrees, noting that "people who work for kind bosses are more likely to put out 'maximum effort at work' than those with mean managers." In short: treat your employees and co-workers as you'd like them to treat you, and everyone wins. Have you found it more motivating to work for a kind boss or a cruel one? [WashingtonPost]