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At What Point Does A Love Of Shopping Turn Into Full-Blown Addiction?

A recent episode of MTV's documentary series True Life focused on two young women who are such compulsive shoppers that their credit, their relationships, and their lives are at risk. One of the girls featured doesn't pay her bills and instead shops every day, buying lots of cheap crap she doesn't need, just so she can walk out of the store with something. As seen in the clip above, her boyfriend doesn't exactly help matters: not only does he not question her when she gets up in the middle of dinner to go buy something, he actually gives her cash in order to do it. By the end of this episode, Rent-a-Center has repossessed her furniture and she has begun seeing a therapist.

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I watched this episode. I was surprised that by the end of it she seemed at least partially realize her problem, that it was a problem, and that she needed help. To be honest, the scene where she called her mom to ask for financial help to go to an inpatient treatment facility, and her mom said she didn't have the money, broke my heart. And the end-of-episode update that said she had stopped seeing her therapist made me even sadder. It just sucks to see someone try to fix an aspect of themselves they know they cannot control properly, and to see them hit the brick wall.

The other girl, I agree, was totally insufferable.