At What Age Is A Kid Too Old To Breastfeed?

Extraordinary Breastfeeding is a documentary that aired in England a few years ago and focused on the country's discomfort with breastfeeding. Issues raised in the film included the right to breastfeed in public, breastfeeding adopted children, and at what age children should be weaned off breast milk. (The average age around the world is four years old, and the World Health Organization recommends that children be breastfed until they are at least two and a half years old.) One woman in the documentary, Veronica, believes that children should decide for themselves when they want to stop. Her daughter is about to turn eight, still breastfeeds, and has absolutely no plans of stopping. Clip — which is somewhat NSFW — above.

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And a parent who showers with a child is not necessarily getting off on it either. I'd say probably not. But the reason a lot of them don't do that is because if an 8-year-old were to go to school and say "Oh I shower with my mom/dad and we are all naked in there", that the reaction they'd get is one that assumes it would be sexualized.

We live in a society. It is not just whether it is sexualized for this mother and for these children. They are exposed to other people too. Plus, when the child is sharing the breasts with dad, she is not just learning that breasts are the way a mother nourishes her children, she is also learning that breasts are something her father gets off on sucking. Either that or she is assuming her mother gave birth to her dad too, which is even ickier than the other possibility. So it is impossible to make a "it is not sexual" argument here when the kids see the same "non-sexual" tits being sucked on by dad.