At The Risk Of Sounding Racist, Salma Hayek Looks Pretty Mexican To Us

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We were going to post a poll, because we haven't done that in awhile, namely because no one is actually reading this blog, but we thought we had a pretty funny premise: Which stunning actress is more credible (by which we mean, more credible as evidence of the correlation between size of ta-tas and size of divorce between perception and reality), Scarlett Johansson or Salma Hayek?


Scarlett: "I think I look like a boy."

Salma: "I am five foot, two inches and in Mexico it was important to be tall. I grew up in a world where beauty was not only tall, it was white and blonde with blue eyes. And I'm dark, have brown eyes and brown hair and I'm short. People used to say that the short thing was a deformity."

But then we reconsidered, and decided to just run our IM conversation instead.

GingerSpice: i decided to make salma hayek a poll

GingerSpice: what is more absurd?

GingerSpice: scarlett johansson saying she looks like a boy?

GingerSpice: or salma hayek saying she's "deformed" by mexican beauty standards?

AnnaCotta: i think salma is more ridiculous

GingerSpice: ok, scarlett

GingerSpice: does not look

GingerSpice: like a boy

GingerSpice: ever

AnnaCotta: scarlett may have loked like a boy when she was young

AnnaCotta: for all we know.

GingerSpice: no, we ACTUALLY DO KNOW

GingerSpice: HELLO, manny & lo!

AnnaCotta: she may be living in the past. whereas salma is just...high

GingerSpice: she was a child actress

AnnaCotta: before horse whisperer

AnnaCotta: i'm talking about like pre 10 years old

GingerSpice: oh like when she was an infant!

AnnaCotta: yeah, proably!

GingerSpice: yeah babies are sometimes hard to determine. (why God created pink!!)


GingerSpice: so you are saying she is not only outrageously beautiful

GingerSpice: she had an inner life when she was 18 months???

AnnaCotta: you can trace her angst back to its source - her birth

GingerSpice: hahahahahahahah

AnnaCotta: YES. that's the magic that is scarlett

a href="">Salma Hayek was considered "deformed" in Mexico [StarPulse]

Scarlett Joahnsson: "I mean, not my body, obviously" [Parade]



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