The stars have been frolicking in the snow at the Sundance Film Festival all week, pretending to care about independent cinema and "art" and all those sorts of things. What they need to be focused on, though, is staying warm and wearing something โ€” anything โ€” other than Uggs and puffy jackets. Because frankly, with all their disposable income, surely they can think of better-looking and more creative way of keeping their tootsies warm?. Adrien Grenier (left) earns our marginal admiration for at least pretending to care about what the city is actually known for โ€” its skiing โ€” instead of just frolicking at the Fred Segal suite and collecting shopping bags. After the jump, the good, the bad, and the ugly of Sundance celeb fashion.

The Good:

Um, according to the picture caption, this is Broadway diva/Private Practice star Audra McDonald. (We think it's actually Sanaa Lathan. But, you know, all black women look the same!) Anyway, Sanaa looks hot in her minidress, boots, and practical but still chic mid-length puffy coat.

Against my better judgment, I love AnnaSophia Robb's (faux, I hope!) fur floppy hat, puffy coat, and layers of sweaters. She looks angelic and cozy.


Though Virginia Madsen's scarf sorta looks like a towel, snaps to her for going with such fresh and kicky colors. Also, someone has clearly been watching What Not To Wear and learning about how layering can keep you from looking like you're cutting yourself in equal parts across the middle!

The Bad:


There is so much good in Angelica Huston's outfit. The Christmas color palette is not one of those things.

Janice Combs: Too much fringe, not enough warmth!


There's a reason Tom Arnold is no longer a star. We just never knew that his sartorial choices might be it.

Mischa Barton's crime? Looking way too much like Lohan.

The Ugly:


Beard + Uncle Jesse = UGH

[Photos via INF.]