At Six Months, Jezebel Is Up & Crawling

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On May 21st of this year, three really excited, anxious and tired young women took a deep breath, said "good luck" to one another, instructed a techie to a flip a switch and Jezebel was "born". Not much has changed in the ensuing six months: We're still anxious and excited, and we're still really fucking tired, although there are twice as many of us now — Dodai! Slut Machine! Jessica! — and we laugh a hell of a lot more than we used to.


And with that, welcome to Jezebel's six month anniversary. Throughout the day we'll be calling out some of our favorite and/or best posts (the two are often mutually exclusive), as well as taking a look at the community that our readers have helped create over the past half-year. This is also an opportunity for you to tell us what you love, hate, want to see, and never want to see again. We can't promise we'll agree but we will try to listen.

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I realize that I'm a little late to commenting on this post, but I wanted to say that I'm a longtime resident of the blogosphere and I've actually made the occasional reference on new media blogs about the sense of community that you ladies have created, here.

I'm literally up and down the blogs and though it's somewhat true with other sites, I have to say that all of the Gawker sites have evolved into some type of community, but Jezebel has broken entirely new ground. After all, I really can't think of any other site (other than LiveJournal), where I know so much about the lives of the hosts and the commenters.

Good job; Congratulations and ya'll should hit-up Denton for a raise.