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At Long Last, Here's Video of Justin Bieber Peeing in a Cup

Biebsters, the wait is over, the day of your deliverance is nigh. The Miami Police Department has just released video of Justin Biebmus Christ Himself pissing into a cup after his drunk driving arrest earlier this year. Fortunately (or unfortunately, weirdos), they blurred out his Bienis. But you still get the point.


The riveting one minute and forty-three second long video has been made public thanks to the Florida constitution's boner for transparency. According to Matt Pearce at the LA Times, under the Sunshine State's constitution, any video taken inside a police station counts as public record and thus video of Justin Bieber peeing is also up for grabs, since it technically occurred in "public," in front of police cameras. Public records transparency trumps individual privacy. It's a miracle his penis was even redacted.

And that's how your Justin Bieber's sausage sausage gets made.

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All Corgis All the Time

This shouldn't be legal to post/share/distribute.