We had a friend at school who was very cute and stylish and nice with it. And she started dating this chap called Gideon who was handsome, but scruffy. Anyway, after about six months of dating, our friend had really let herself go, and we blamed the boyfriend who had somehow infected her with his horrid clothes and schlumpy demeanor.

Coincidentally, here's a pic of Petra Nemcova with her new boyfriend James Blunt at the Global Green pre-Oscar party last night. Let's see what they have in common:

Illustration for article titled At least shes wearing nice shoes.

Ratty hair: CHECK
Bad posture: CHECK
No bra: CHECK
Ill-fitting clothes: CHECK
Inability to locate an iron in the house: CHECK

Now we know that love is a many spendoured thing, Petra, but we have our limits. Take a bath, at least.

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