At Last! The Cleavage Secrets No One Was Waiting For!

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The "secret to Marilyn's curves" (as opposed, we suppose, to genetics) has been revealed in the form of some bra's "three cunning tricks."


A velvet-trimmed cream cone bra, the Sun tells us, has "come to light" and is going to auction in the UK. A guy from the auction house actually says, "Marilyn is an icon of the 20th century and very much loved by many people - not least for her marvellous cleavage." Oh, and the bra might have been worn "under her iconic white dress, most famously pictured blowing up around her waist above a hot air vent, in the iconic film the Seven Year Itch." There does not appear to be any evidence to support this. But they're probably right, I'm sure she only owned one bra, and the studio wouldn't have provided costumes or anything.

If you, too, wish to be loved for your marvellous cleavage, here are the "cunning secrets:"


1. Reinforced extra straps "running in a triangle from the centre of the bra over Marilyn's shoulders lifting it similar to how a suspension bridge works."

2. Underwire. Yes, this is a "cunning secret."

3. "An extra pair of added cups" - read: padding - that added an inch.

Or you can just show up at the auction and shell out some two thousand pounds for your own piece of the "2-D Sexy Icon" industry!

Monroe Wonder Bra Is Revealed [SunUK]

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Bish plz, I have used these cunning secrets for many a year. I got them at that very secretive place for secrets like these, Victoria's Secret.