What with Whitney and The New Girl and Girls and Girls in a Restaurant or whatever that fourth one is, it's obvious that girls have been on top of the media heap for TOO LONG within the past nine months! That's why I'm so relieved that the brave bros of Men at Work are here to speak for the voiceless, and break the last true television taboo: dudes banging chicks and talking about dude stuff.

Men at Work describes itself as "the show that defines the voice of a bunch of good-looking, mid-to-late-twentysomething, single, adventurous, affluent, early-adopter, pop-culture-loving, tech-savvy, super-horny, professional types." Well that's certainly something we haven't seen before! Except, in, oh, every piece of media ever made since the invention of penises.

I mean, whatever. Some show exists. With "jokes" like:

"She's cute, but that skin color is not found in nature."
"Sure it is! It's called 'whorange.'"


"Can I ask you something? Will you be my rebound ass?"

Who cares. I just think it's hilarious that we've gone in this bizarre loop where now "guy shows" are "affirming" that guys can be gross and like penis jokes too! You guys, if Men at Work is a backlash to Whitney which was a backlash to older shows in which women were stereotyped and underrepresented...is it not obvious that a backlash to a backlash IS JUST THE ORIGINAL THING AGAIN?


Anyway, this show looks fucking awful and there's no chance I'm watching it even though I totally had a crush on Danny Masterson in 9th grade. The end.