If you're suffering from a case of Phelps phatigue, we nominate Dara Torres for your next aquatic object of affection. At 41, Torres became the oldest swimmer to win an Olympic silver medal in Sunday's 50-meter freestyle. In the clip above, Torres comes in just a hundredth of a second behind German Britta Steffen, 24, (the same margin Phelps won by). With a 24.07 second finish, she still set a new American record and a personal best. The young women swimming with Torres say they are inspired not just by her age, but by the fact that she has a two-year-old daughter. “Most of us girls, we have to stop our sport so we can start a family, but for her to have a family and still get back in and win the silver medal is just absolutely incredible,” said American Cate Campbell, 16, who finished after Torres for the bronze.