Asshole No One Likes to Run Graphic Bloody Fetus Ads During Super Bowl

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Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl this year? The Green Bay Packers? The Patriots? Tim Tebow cloned a bunch of times playing against an entire other team of Tim Tebows? Wrong, wrong and wrong. The winner of the Super Bowl this year is Randall Terry. The pro-life zealot has won the right to air graphic anti-abortion ads featuring images of fetal remains during this year's Big Game, and there's nothing you or I can do about it.


The spots will feature the type of hysterical "THIS IS AN ABORTED FETUS!!!!1" imagery typical to anti-abortion rights materials, even though most of the images will show very late term fetuses and the vast majority of abortions (88%) occur within the first trimester. Further, many women who abort late in their pregnancies do so because of a heartbreaking set of circumstances that interferes with a wanted pregnancy. No one just skips on into the abortion clinic at 20 weeks, giddy with excitement and glinting with bloodthirsty anti-baby rage; no one enjoys having an abortion at all. And whatever stories are behind the images Terry plans to use are undoubtedly complicated and sad. But facts have never gotten in the way of Randall Terry's crusade to ruin hot wings and bean dip permanently for everyone.

The ads won't be airing nationally, because Terry's nutbaggery could be rejected by the networks at a national level. But in 40 major markets, the ad must be allowed to air. That's because Terry's running for President as a Democrat challenging Barack Obama, and federal law requires local TV stations to air ads of candidates in time slots that occur within a 45-day window of the state party's primary election. And because the Super Bowl lies within the 45-day window in many markets, if Terry can muster up the funding, Super Bowl viewers from coast to coast will be treated to some unappetizing, mood-killing and misleading propaganda.

Party foul, Randall Terry. Party foul.

Candidate uses loophole in federal election laws to air ads [Greeley Gazette]



From the source article, which is woefully misleading with its headline: The campaign says they have ads ready to go in 40 markets, including Colorado. The first ad was purchased on Friday, January 6."

Hmmm... Superbowl ads were 1.) going for $3.5 million and 2.) were already sold out as of January 3: []

Have they bought ads? I'm sure, yes. During the Superbowl? I doubt that. Highly. Of course, we already know he's manipulative and a liar, so these claims and shitty reporting (that source article is all over the place) make me think we're safe on this. For now.