Asshole Neighbor Says People Only Think She's an Asshole Because She's a Single Woman

Minnesota woman Lori Christensen has been charged with three felony counts of aggravated stalking and violating a harassment order after ignoring a restraining order placed against her by her neighbors, the Hoffman family of White Bear Lake, MN. The Hoffmans claim that Christensen's harassment began years ago with shouted obscenities and verbal tirades (many directed at the Hoffmans' three children) and has escalated to the point where Christensen has trailed them with her car and continually posts handmade signs directed at them on her garage door. Video footage reveals Christensen making the signs and mocking them from her lawn — her favorite attack, it seems, is to mock the 3-years sober Kim Hoffman for her alcoholism despite her own past history of DUIs.


Christensen has already once been convicted of harassing the Hoffmans and even served a month in jail last December. However, despite the evidence against her (the tapes coupled with over 40 police visits to her home in the last 2 years), Christensen blames jealousy and sexism for her villainization:

I had a psychological evaluation. They said if I were to have been a man that this would not have been happening, but because I'm a single female, I have a very good job, I have the biggest house in the neighborhood...

Yes, Lori. Your neighbors hate you because you are a single lady with nice things. Not because you're a total dick.

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She must have a great job— most people don't get to take off for a month at a time and still have a job when they get back.