Asshole Dumps Severely Sick Puppies Down Six-Foot Window Well, Ruins Christmas

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And with this, I am so ready for 2012 to be over and to get to 2013, a time and place where puppies haven't yet been abandoned in dumpsters. I know, I know, as soon as 2013 is here, I will be like "WTF I THOUGHT I SAID NO DUMPSTER PUPPIES," and 2013 will be all "Oh, my bad."


But until that time.

According to the Suffolk County SPCA, Swaneka P.J. Danzler, 21-year-old Long Island woman, abandoned two severely ill pit bull puppies in a SIX-FOOT WINDOW WELL at the Riverhead Animal Hospital. So, she's basically the anti-Lassie. I know intellectually that people in desperate situations do desperate things, and I have no doubt that Danzler is probably in a very bad place, but it breaks my heart and makes me want to just run through the world with a sledgehammer and a "can do" attitude.

I guess it's positive that she at least had the sense to bring them to an animal hospital, even if it was closed and she dumped them down a SIX-FOOT WINDOW WELL. According to Newsday, the puppies, a male and a female, were both suffering from severe mange and were near death when they found them.

Good news: the female puppy is getting medical treatment and already has a prospective adoptive family lined up. Yay! Really terrible news: The male puppy, who was in the worse condition of the two, died on Christmas night. RIP, sweet little guy.

As the proud mom of an adorable pit bull, and someone who has fostered many pit bull puppies, I can say with some authority that they are the most resilient, special breed I've ever had the pleasure of covering in kisses. They can get treated like such shit by people and still want and crave human affection. I'm gonna donate all my money to my local rescue groups and then give my girl extra cuddles and breath bones* tonight.

Danzler is scheduled to be arraigned in late January and faces up to a year in jail on each charge, in addition to fines, for the two misdemeanor charges.


*girlfriend might be cute but her breath is KICKING.

[photo via Suffolk County SPCA]



There's just something about people abusing animals that fills me with a sort of blinding rage that not much else does.



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