​Asshole Drunkenly Throws Chihuahua Puppy at a Starbucks Window

Last week, a man who had been banned from a Houston Starbucks retaliated by throwing a tiny Chihuahua puppy at the storefront, nearly killing the poor pup, not even a year old.

Three months ago, Larry McHale had been banned from a Starbucks in southwest Houston for harassing customers. On Tuesday night McHale returned and was lingering outside, seemingly drunk off his ass. After having smashed a bottle, he yelled, "You don't care about humans, you only care about dogs!" and threw the puppy (who police aren't sure even belonged to McHale in the first place) against the window. Via KHOU:

"It was so loud, the window sounded like it was going to break," said Starbucks manager Jasmine Hyder. "He's like, you don't care about humans. You only care about a dog."


The Chihuahua was taken to Houston's Animal Shelter and Adoption Facility, where she was given the name Starbucks. She suffered a broken back leg and must undergo surgery to insert pins and plates.

"Why would you do this to a little dog? This dog never hurt anyone, but we're going to save her no matter what he did," said Nela Brown with Frisky Paws Rescue.

I'm glad the pup is alive and didn't suffer more harm, but holy shit people are the worst.

Image via KHOU.

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