Asshole Couple Buys Out Entire Jason Wu for Target Line In Miami, Tells You to Deal With It

Did you fail to pick out any pieces from the Jason Wu for Target line before it sold out? Look on the bright side— at least you didn't line up outside of a Target at 6:45 in the morning only to have two monster people buy the entire collection before you could get your hands on anything. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to a group of Miami shoppers this weekend.


Says blogger Ginger Harris:

These people, who the mob of angry shoppers dubbed "The Vultures Who Ruined Jason Wu for Target," came in and took everything. And by everything, I mean everything except what the few of us were able to grab before he did... How was it fair that this guy was taking everything and then telling people around him they could "buy it off him outside?" The angry mob called over the management and asked them to intervene. And they did. They took him aside and told him it wasn't allowed. But a call to corporate Target told them they were not allowed to enforce such a limit on items. And then we were back to square one.


Ugh, how gross is that? If you're looking at buying some Jason Wu for Target items off of eBay, check to see if it's from Miami first. With any luck, these "vultures" will be stuck with tons of clothes that they can't wear and thousands of dollars in the hole.

The Vultures That Ruined Jason Wu for Target [Electric Blogarella]
Terrible Couple Buys Out Target's Entire Jason Wu Collection at Midtown Store [Miami New Times]

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Dilly Dalai

*blinks* Why would anyone do that? I'm seriously confused. What's so special about clothes from Target that someone really thinks another person could rationalize buying them from a scalper?