Assault Complaint Against Jonathan Rhys Meyers Mysteriously Withdrawn

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Nevermind! That whole report filed last year by JFK airport service worker Kathryn Williams was a toootal misunderstanding, as assault so very often is.

According to a statement from her lawyer, Elliot Budashewitz:

"We have withdrawn her March 7, 2011 Complaint filed against Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the Supreme Court, Queens County. In addition, any interpretation of said Complaint as alleging physical contact made by Mr. Meyers in inaccurate. There is no claim that Mr. Meyers made any physical contact with Ms. Williams or that she sustained any "physical" bodily injury as a result of any physical contact. Any inconvenience caused Mr. Meyers by any misinterpretation of the complaint to the contrary was certainly unintended."

Of course there's no way to tell if the allegations were purely "inaccurate" to begin with or if Ms. Williams suddenly realized, after someone calmly explained she was making a big deal out of nothing, that it probably wasn't really assault. Common mistake.

'Victim' Of Jonathan Rhys Meyers Withdraws Assault And Battery Complaint! [Perez Hilton]

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