Assassination of Afghan Women Sends a Crystal Clear Message, and It's Ugly

Najia Siddiqi, Afghanistan's Director of Provincial Women's Affairs, was assassinated this week. She had been filling in for her predecessor, Hanifa Safi, since July — guess what happened to her? Assassinated, too. Could the Taliban's message be clearer? Support women's rights in a visible way (starting with "dare to go out of the house") and we will hunt you down and kill you.


The Center for Investigative Reporting just released a report on the oppression and intimidation of Afghan women, and it's definitely worth checking out. The video above explores what it's like inside women's prisons in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif, where most prisoners are women who ran away from abusive husbands or simply just fell in love with "inappropriate" men.


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It's really sad that americans (each one of them) are guilty of these women suffering trough the training and support of Taliban to fight russians during cold war... and then they come back 20 years later again to afganistan... to make it worst, this is the better example of what happens when united states interferes with other country over more than 50 years.