Ashton Kutcher's "Blah Girls" Is A Little Racist & Sorta Blah

You may have heard that Ashton Kutcher and his production company, Katalyst Media, have launched a new blog/"web series" called Blah Girls. Taking a dip into the blogosphere waters doesn't exactly seem like a move one would expect from a production company better known for TV shows (such as Beauty and the Geek and Punk'd), which might explain why Kutcher dances around the "blog" word and opts to describe the site as an "interactive, animated Web series based on celebrity culture." Basically, the Blah Girls involves captioned celeb photos, Project Runway roundups, reality TV liveblogs (sounds familiar) as well as a video portion with short "webisodes" of the Blah Girls. Is the site any good? The details on the unfunny jokes, dashes of racism, and gay stereotyping, after the jump.The most painful thing about Blah Girls is how boring the Web series is. It's like the writers took all the jokes and memes from last year and rolled them into a Hills-like setting (complete with Hills-like pointlessness). Ashton may not realize that on the Internet, jokes have to be super current. Quips about Naomi Campbell throwing cell phones at people? So five minutes ago. Aside from the moldy topics (including the fresh-from-2002-joke about Gwen Stefani not having pink hair anymore and living in London), the jokes are pretty flat. An example from the "Ex-patriots" episode:

Blah Girl: British guys are so hot! Prince William, Orlando Bloom, Harry Potter... (A thought-bubble of Harry Potter holding a broom stick pops up) Harry Potter (In an Elvis voice?): Rub my broomstick, baby.


Hilarious, right? Another bizarre thing about the website is the racial stereotyping of the black Blah Girl, Tiffany:

Tiffany's bio reveals that her "current location" is "[her] hood" (that's how black people talk!), her biggest weaknesses are "limited edition sneakers" (another thing black people like, right?), and her biggest fear is "getting caught in crossfire." Wait, what? The Blah Girls also include a token twee gay blogger named Stewart whose pink fauxhawk might lead one to believe that he's a biting satirical representation of Perez Hilton. But that would be expecting too much from this blog. Instead, Stewart is just a stereotypical flamboyant gay who is totes obsessed with clothes and his weight (his bio says that when he grows up he wants to "always be able to fit into skinny jeans") and he supplies the Blah Girls with their celebrity news (or something). The site also has a heavy product placement deal with Vitamin Water. In the "Adoption" episode, Tiffany says that she wants to drink "Vitamin Water Formula 50" to be "cool like 50."


Hm, I wonder who the site's sponsors are?


Ah, that explains it. There are some funny things on the site: One Blah Girls' dog is named "Botox." One Blah Girl complains that her step-mother burned down the family summer house after too many "Lexipro and Limoncello cocktails." A caption on a Michael Phelps photo in which he hugs a girl in a bikini reads, "Feel that? That's my ninth medal." We'd like to think that the site could get funnier. But, since this concerns the doomed post-Punk'd combination of Ashton Kutcher and celebrities (remember Pop Fiction?), we'll pronounce Blah Girls dead on arrival. Blah Girls Dude, Is That Your Gossip Site? [Portfolio]

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