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Ashley Todd, the woman who claimed to have been mutilated by an Obama supporter in a mugging, has reached a deal with prosecutors in her case. In a program for first-time offenders, she'll be released from jail and go into therapy. If she keeps her nose clean and completes therapy, the state of Pennsylvania will expunge her records. Pictures of her own, personal scarlet letter will live forever, though. [MSNBC]


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A Small Turnip

This may be a spectacularly unpopular opinion, but I genuinely feel badly for her family. Even if they are Republicans too, this has got to be a seriously degrading and humiliating thing to be associated with.

Plus, they must be really frightened for Ashley, because she is obviously very, very ill, and there are some very (justifiably) angry people out there. I ain't the praying kind, but man, I fervently hope she gets the help she needs. For the entire country's sake.